Agnihotra je darem lidstvu, který pochází z nejstarší védické vědy o bioenergii, lékařství, zemědělství a klimatu.


Scientists of different countries and from different fields have done research work on the effects of Agnihotra and the way it works.

Following are some of the results:

- Agnihotra drastically reduces the quantity of pathogenic bacteria in the air.

- By performing Agnihotra regularly and by adding Agnihotra ash, you can purify water. (The experiments ranged from flower vase water, through to drinking water and wells.)

- Sprouts develop better in Agnihotra atmosphere. They grow faster and become stronger.

- By measuring the brain waves one can easily see the harmonizing effect of Agnihotra on humans. Exactly during Agnihotra you can see brain waves of deep relaxation which otherwise are rarely detected.

After several experiments, one senior scientist from Eastern Europe made the following remark:

"The chemical reactions which take place when Agnihotra pyramid fire, mentioned in Homa Therapy, burns are less important. Important is the radiation. We know the chemical aspects of fire. In the end we get H2O, CO2 and CO. Then there is visible light and infrared. This is the classical view today about fire. If you look into the more subtle structure of fire, you find that electrons jump from one atom to another (like a flash of lightning) and this causes some emissions on a very subtle level which hardly fits into modern Quantum Theory."

Following a quotation from the book "Secrets of The Soil" by Peter Tompkin and Christopher Bird:

Mr. Modric, an expert in electromagnetic fields and geopathogenic zones, remarked that the Agnihotra ash could produce disinfectant, anticoagulant and tissue-contracting effects on living matter was well established.

He believed Vasant when he claimed the ash had pesticide and fungicidal properties and that it might ultimately solve the problem of mineral deficiencies. Mr. Modric explained he believed he was dealing with a complex that could potentially affect the whole environment, countering the toxins of modern technology developed over the last century by the industrial revolution and that the process might have enormous implications for our very existence.

He added that Agnihotra ceremonies performed at various specifically spaced points on earth, if done exactly at sunrise and sunset, could affect an energy associated with the earth, one such as described by Steiner and Reich, the enhancement of which would have a healing effect on the environment.

He said, "We believe we can establish the fact of an electromagnetic radiation during the ceremony, but we are in an area of informational transfer through intermolecular and interatomic processes mediated by ultraviolet photons.

lt is logical to conclude that some kind of energetic mechanism is being activated which can be translated into physical meaning linked to concrete information systems that are as yet unknown but connected to systems of resonance".