Agnihotra ist ein Geschenk an die Menschheit aus den ältesten vedischen Wissenschaften der Bioenergie, Medizin, Landwirtschaft und der Klimawissenschaft.

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International Portal for Agnihotra and Homa Therapy

Includes photos, videos and documentation

Human Health

A lot of case studies how Agnihotra and Agnihotra Ash help



Homa  Farming

Experiences and scientific studies about Homa Organic Farming





Deutsche Gesellschaft fÜr Homa-Therapie

Agnihotra Sunrise/Sunset Timings program available for download or immediate calculation online. (German, English, Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Moldovian)

Fundacja Terapia Homa

Ecovillage and Homa Therapy Centre
Nad Las/Wysoka 151 34-240 
Jordanow, Malopolska, Poland (English, Polish)

Agnihotra Ash Medicines

Agnihotra Ash Medicines based on research by German pharmacist who has resuscitated the lost ancient science of Ash Therapy with Agnihotra Ash as the base. Learn how to make your own powerful healing remedies. Any physical or emotional problems can be helped. (German, English)


Fivefold Path Inc.

278 N. White Oak Drive 
Madison, Virginia 22727 USA 
Centre for the publication of SATSANG, the free publication is an important vehicle for spreading the message of 'Love Thy Neighbor' through Agnihotra and Fivefold Path. It contains many stories from all over the world of various people's experiences with Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.

Baltimore Homa Community

A Maryland nonprofit organization dedicated to community education and community service that links people to information, services and resources about Homa Therapy, the ancient science of atmospheric purification.


NGO Homa  (Spanish, German, English) is a comprehensive site specializing in medicine and agriculture. Includes photos, videos and documentation.


Fivefold Path Mission

Tapovan, based in Maharashtra, central India, is an example of Vedic lifestyle. Vedic science provides the solution for a sustainable way of life. Tapovan is a living example. Miracles in Tapovan have been achieved in spite of temperatures up to 50˚C in summer and at times acute water shortage by application of the ancient Vedic science of Homa Therapy.


Om Shree Dham

PO Box 68 Cessnock 
New South Wales 2325
Homa Therapy Association of Australia Homa Therapy Centre and Om Shree Dham Homa Farm in Australia where a high-energy transformative biosphere is maintained by environmental healing