Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from the ancient Vedic science of bioenergy, medicine, agriculture and climate science.

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Radioactivity is one of the major environmental problems of our times. According to the ancient knowledge of the Vedas, radioactivity can be neutralized through Agnihotra and Agnihotra ash. An experiment of scientists from the Eastern Bloc confirmed that Agnihotra ash wasn’t radioactive although the substances used for the burning were radioactively polluted.


Modern science, however, still has a long way to go in order to test this outcome at different places, conduct similar experiments and then work out an explanation.


But there are already some observations which confirm the statement of the Vedas:

After the nuclear reactor catastrophe of Chernobyl, Austria had all agricultural products tested for radioactivity by the authorities before they were approved for sale.
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At a Homa-Farm in Styria, the inspectors were surprised that no increased radioactivity showed (neither for milk nor vegetables) – this was something they hadn’t seen before. The only difference between the Homa farm and the other farms in the region was that at the Homa farm, Agnihotra and a couple of hours of Tryambakam-Homa were performed regularly.


After Chernobyl a woman from the Lake Constance region got throat cancer. Ignoring all warnings, she still had spent a lot of time outdoors after the catastrophe. The doctor did not raise her hopes – even with all methods of modern medicine, her chances of surviving were next to zero. Instead of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the woman fasted for a considerable time and only drank water with Agnihotra ash in it. After a couple of weeks she once more went to a medical examination. The cancer was gone.
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