Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from the ancient Vedic science of bioenergy, medicine, agriculture and climate science.

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Reports show that

a) Acidic soil was brought back to normal.
Soil with a pH of 4.4 was brought back to normal by organic farming methods like composting and mulching and Homa Therapy including the use of Agnihotra ash.

b) High salinity in soil could be brought back to normal by Homa atmosphere and by adding some Agnihotra ash.
As there are large areas in India of previously fertile land which now are lying barren because of high salinity, Homa Therapy could give a solution to a big problem.

c) Water solubility of phosphorus will be increased by adding Agnihotra ash to the soil. This has been shown in institutes both in U.S. as well as recently in Germany.

d) Aeration of the soil is increased by Agnihotra.

e) Moisture holding capacity of soil is increased in Homa atmosphere.