Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from the ancient Vedic science of bioenergy, medicine, agriculture and climate science.

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In the ancient science of AYURVEDA it is stated:

Agnihotra renews the brain cells. lt revitalises the skin. lt purifies the blood. lt is the wholistic approach to life.

Agnihotra has the ability to neutralise pathogenic bacteria.

You sit at Agnihotra fire and breathe in the smoke, which goes quickly into the bloodstream and lungs. This has excellent effect on the circulatory system and even more so if Agnihotra ash is ingested. The smoke has a good effect on the brain and nervous system.

Thousands of people all over the planet have been helped through the performance of this ancient powerful fire and use of Agnihotra ash.

It helps in resolving many physical, emotional and mental problems, such as:
Asthma, Sinusitis, Allergies, Arthritis, Ulcers, Gastritis, Burns, Wounds, Dermatitis, Gallbladder and Kidney Stones, Depression, Insomnia, Nervousness, Irritability, Hyperactivity, Fears, Anger, Addictions, Cancer, Aids, etc.

Agnihotra ash medicines were revived in modern times in Germany with wonderful results.
They have researched and rediscovered many formulas based on Agnihotra ash to bring relief to medical problems.

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